Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baby sitting

From reports I'm getting from the Security guys and the various doorman who know I'm watching the cardinals it seems there could be three fledglings of various abilities.  I suspected this from the flight patterns of both parents. I've been hearing the "click click" higher in the trees. It's this third kid that has my attention, not the kid posted on the 29th.  This baby has been hunkered down in the bush, no interest in moving out. Both parents have been using food as lures. Food??  Bugs, berries and potato chips.
Visibility- one slim slot.
If I open my mouth do I get a meal??
Finally baby has stirred itself.  This is huge progress.
But an  enormous concern- its left eye is not open.
Tiny thing got into the gutter.  I  guided it out. I don't want a squashed baby on my watch.  It's raining, so we'll both get drizzled.
I wonder what this baby is perceiving, because it doesn't do the feed-me-flap. Are wings okay? Strong? Hard to tell.
Lots more pictures being processed. Baby can fly about 8" off the ground, straight line, sort of. No elevation yet.  Parents want it up a tree, flying down-up-down-up, demonstrating.  Baby doesn't get it. Can't? Won't?  It's going to have to fly up to survive.  Only time will tell.    To be continued.......

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