Saturday, July 6, 2013

The big kids

Time for an interlude.  Big babies seen on June 22nd. I'm trying to stay away, because the hawk paparazzi who don't obey rules of nature really make me nervous.  There are a couple of guys who don't understand the need to stay back. Their ethic is, "have camera so I have the God-given right to do anything I feel like doing".  First rule totally forgotten, DO NO HARM. These hawk images were taken with powerful telephoto lens that doesn't require cramping the hawks' space.
Back in the garden.  Looking for cardinal family. Will search more today. Meanwhile the young robins are finding their way.
First day out of nest. One doesn't realize how big the fledglings are, because it's not possible to see their legs when they're in the nest.
Hooray for mulberries. Hundreds of birds are gorging.
Cooling off at the "beach".
This was cool.  Big lens not exactly the right lens for this subject, but it's what I had.

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