Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tender parents

This series speaks for itself. It may seem as if I'm too close, but I'm using the powerful telephoto lens to give this family space. Baby really a runt. Left eye not open. Flying ability nil, maybe 8" off the ground for a few yards. Thank goodness its little brown body blends into brown wood chips.  Robins show up with mouths filled with worms for their voracious kids, worms down-the-hatch in a second. Baby cardinal takes dabs of food as parent watches and waits. Sometimes mouth doesn't open when parent arrives. Is baby healthy? Is its vision impaired worse than it seems? I've stood in front of it and it doesn't seem to notice. But it's not under nourished.  Watch parents' expressions. Beautiful.
Baby's flight,  a whole two feet before landing on face.
At 7:30pm I went upstairs. Baby still on ground. Dog walkers out and about.  I don't know if this baby will survive the night.

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