Monday, July 1, 2013

More garden observations

Hooray, a break in the weather. Sun for a change. Birding in the garden is determined by sound. Everyone is singing. Follow the sounds and find something.   I was hearing the cardinals, but could not find the baby, so I started with what was in my face, the starlings' "beach".
Juvenile intruder.  Youngster plops down and faces off with adult.
A beach spot can get crowded.
From the wood chips and plants lots of tiny bugs are hatching.   Ever try focusing on a flying bug?
Time to try and find the baby. Mama has food, is flying into a thick low bush, time to find that baby.
There's baby, rear limb, low down. When parent lands on same branch it dips down and I can't see a thing, cradle branch. Baby is the size of a small apricot.
I watched for two hours. Baby called, got some food about once an hour, napped, repeat same the whole day. Baby never made an attempt to fly off.  Both parents watching and possibly feeding a second baby in another space not far away. Heard sounds, but couldn't find the source.

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