Thursday, June 2, 2016

An afternoon and a morning

Afternoon, May 27th. This nest is crowded. I can never get a picture of all three babies. Look at the size, the attentiveness. They're going to leave home soon.
Nap time is flopping over the edge of the nest.
Next morning, sun out. I study nest.  There's more room in the nest. Only two babies. Where's the first fledgling????
Oh my God, first fledge UNDER the nest. This is a big deal to a little bird, but not exactly a big distance.
Alpha Baby, first fledge spends hours under the nest calling for food. Doesn't get fed most likely because there's no way for parent to get in a position to feed this kid.
Upstairs nobody seems to understand that sibling is downstairs nor do they seem to care.
More later.

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