Monday, June 6, 2016

Out and about

With all three kids out of the nest the only way to find them is to follow the sound. Everyone wants food. And they're not in the same place. Hard work for Papa. This baby is west of the nest.
This kid is east of the nest in the hose area. Third fledge.
First time I've seen this.. new fledge able to pick and peck for food on itself. Astonishing. Admittedly a tiny seed is not enough to sustain the baby, but it's better than nothing. I'm sure he can't catch a worm.
Back to screaming for food.
Preening is intuitive. Keep feathers clean or flying is not possible... not that these guys are flying. They're all in the scooting stage. Road runners.
I put down the camera at this point because baby tried to go into the building via the revolving door. I kept blocking the way. Baby was practically on my shoes, but finally made a U turn and headed back into the bushes. They're so goofy. Don't know danger. If they survive the first week it's a miracle.

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