Sunday, June 5, 2016

Two and Three

I've gone upstairs to do some work. Back downstairs. Fledge #2 still on window ledge. This is good . Safe.  But not for long. Baby decides to fly into bush,but hasn't figure out how to land. Tumbles through branches down onto ground. I'm thinking- busted wing? Busted leg?  No problem. All in order. Baby #2 is now free to roam the ground. And does this baby explore. This baby is a runner, runs west towards West End Avenue end of bushes area.
Serious yell for food. The parents have vanished.
I hear more yelling. Nest is empty! I knew that was going to happen. It takes a couple of minutes to find baby #3, behind the bushes, east side of entrance. Now all three kids are out and about.
Baby #2 is coming in this direction out in the open.
Baby #2 is a screamer, knows how to cling and yell. Doesn't quite know how to turn around.
Baby #2 stays out in open. Can't find Alpha baby. Most likely now out back of building. Still no parents.
To be continued

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