Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mix Masters

Duh, ............... what's going on here???????

Here come the shovelers. A Congregation??????

No. It's Julia Childs time. The shovelers gather, male and female, swirl around in a circle. That stirs up the vegetation at the bottom of the lake and they dine on the "up-muck". Is this smart???? Call the Food Channel. Lake Mix Masters.

Shovel-it-up ducks.

Snow is on the way. I have a huge backlog of images from this week. If it's very windy with the snow I'll stay indoors and draw on this backlog until weather conditions are less hazzardous. If the lake freezes the shovelers will find things to dine on at the edge of the lake and at the reservoir. Meanwhile I find their "circle-dance" ingenuity extraordinary.

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