Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Part 1 of a series

The first clue that something was going on was the scream of the blue jay, repeated screams. When that happens it's time to search. Oh joy, a young red tail hawk. The young red tails don't have the red tail yet and the eyes are more yellow than amber. The hawk was following all movement obviously on the hunt for food.

While I was watching, this muttering weirdo approached. There were other people nearby, so I stayed put. I know this local crazy. He's acquired a new covering. A crazy in wolf's skin?

The hawk flew from the first tree to a tree to the east of the path and continued searching.

Talons on the ready. The hawk report will continue in next blog entry.
A 1/4 mile away a couple of birders arrived with peanuts and bird seed. A sweet young squirrel wiggled its way out of its hidey-hole. It wasn't about to miss out on munchies. The terrain was such that I was standing level with the middle of the tree with powerful lens, of course.

It's pouring today, so I'll have time to post part two of this series later this afternoon. Nothing dined on these squirrels. They were doing the dining.

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