Thursday, December 24, 2009


Today was the first time I felt intimidated by the park, not by muggers, but by icy surfaces. I got into the Rambles and found paths that were not clear, tamped down snow that had an ice layer. I love observing nature but not at the cost of a broken leg or arm, so slowly I headed to the East Drive, across via the Great Lawn and then back down the West Drive. The main walkways are clear. The off-shoot paths are trecherous. All the birds are looking for food. Not easy.

At the West 72nd Street exit a horse-and-buggy driver dropped some horse oats. Feast time. Actually, I think they're special horse pellets. The pile of feed was devoured in ten minutes.

Happy pictures will get posted tomorrow, but I won't roam again until the paths are clear. Too risky.

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