Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hoover kinglets

Imagine taking an old blanket out back and shaking it out. You can see the dust bits in the air while shaking. That's the best way to describe one scene yesterday. There were thousands of kinglets in the park, carpeting lawns. At one point a blue jay screeched a hawk alert and out of the grass rose an air-load of tiny bits, not dust bits, but kinglets. I stood gawking never having seen such a wonder before. The kinglets were blanketing every field doing a vacuum cleaner routine, sucking up. Bugs. I tried to see the golden crowns, the ruby crowns, anything as they flitted about. The total take has been tightly edited. I'm not about to post 500 pictures. But I'm going to post a lot of kinglets, not all at once. I adore these flitting, sweet little birds.

More to follow.