Monday, October 4, 2010

More preening

I started down the woodchip path very slowly because you never can tell what lies around the bend. This sweet phoebe was busy shagging flies, flew practically to my lens then veered back to the perch branch. I decided to stand and wait,...

Fortunately the camera was still in shoot position, because what happened next never happens. This female redstart flew to the ground at my feet, lay down in the warm wood chips and anted (let ants clean her wings), enjoyed the warmth, preened. She stayed at my feet for almost 6 minutes. I must have looked like a tree, because she never reacted to my presence. When preening was complete she flew off into the bushes. When I say "at my feet", that's what I mean. Extraordinary.

This is the little bird that is usually so skittish that all you see is the tail going over the fence in a flash. This was quality time. Total trust. That sun felt very good.

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