Monday, October 25, 2010

Literary Visitor, first posting

This is a city miracle. There's a prothonotary warbler hanging out at the New York Public Library, 42nd- 41st, Fifth Avenue. I've seen prothonotaries twice before, always hidden in leaves, always flitting about. This is an urban bird if ever I've met one. Up in the tree it's finding bugs and scanning for other food. In no time it's down on the ground eating bits and bugs, walking under tables and chairs in between people's shoes, up on the wall watching for food, perching on backs of chairs overseeing the situation, not missing a beat. When I see this my heart skips a beat. How would you feel if a gorgeous warbler flew down and stood next to your shoes?! This is heavenly. Hold breath. Don't move! Busy New Yorkers dashed by, never noticed a thing, but several tourists stopped to watch and ask about the bird and it was a pleasure to share this wonder. The prothonotary pictures will be in two postings. I edited tightly. I promise not to blog 400 pictures. Maybe the bird will head south tonight. Maybe it will hang around until the weekend. Heaven only knows why it's still here, but this sure is a happy visit.

Hopefully it won't go into the Library.

Up in the tree with a moth.

Autumn colors. Exquisite.

Now for a bit of ground action.
By my feet.

There were bits of soggy bread. Horrible thought, but the warbler obviously liked it.

From up on the wall the warbler can see what's on the ground.

More to follow tomorrow. I'm going to be smiling for the rest of this week.

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