Saturday, May 11, 2013

Brilliant Friday

This was what I was waiting to see, catbird in the pink bud bush.  I'd almost given up hope... no birds, no buds.  Now I know there will be more. The orioles love these buds. Ditto the grosbeaks. The buds won't last long, but this is a spring ritual. My heart needed to finally see this.  Above, high above, the trees were alive with all sorts of little birds.  First- the magnolia warbler.  I saw orioles high above, but they were well hidden behind leaves.
All around the park, in leaves, strutting ovenbirds.
This was the biggest surprise, one second, right past my face, non-stop, a hummer!, there, then gone.
One of my favorites, the male black-throated blue warbler. I also saw lots of females.
Still editing.

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