Monday, May 13, 2013


Someone has a family.  I thought this would be a quiet day, but this turned into a Didja day,-  did'ja see the ....?, did'ja see the ...? ,  did'ja ?, didja?    A really fine Sunday.  Anyway about 1:30pm I met one termite. That's when the fun began.  Termite heaven.  First to arrive from in the bushes was the robin who took possession of the hatch. Nothing else could get close till the robin had enough.  There were small birds shagging airborne termites, but the robin was Lord of the Bugs. And there were lots of bugs, millions,
Finally the sparrow could move in.  The robin was eating one-at-a-time.  The sparrow and blue jay go for mouth-fulls.
Cautiously watching for a chance, the tanager who had already been chased away by the robin.
Finally the tanager got to the source and didn't mind sharing this bounty. I was shooting through leaves.
The bugs just kept on coming. There will be more images to post.

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