Saturday, May 18, 2013

Into the shrubbery and bushes

I didn't head to the park until getting some groceries in the house. Papa robin is doing the same thing.  Having satisfied my wormy pleasure I looked up in bushes and in scruffy areas. First magnolia warbler hit the classic pose. The next magnolia played peek-a-boo.
.... and then morphed into  a Wilson's.
... and into a blackpoll.
Everyone's pleasure, the hooded warbler.
Big surprise  roaming a path, a waterthrush.
Oh, to have a telescope.  The male cape may.  Pretty and high in the tree.
Male redstart singing
Time for catching bugs... phoebes and peewees hanging around
Having a rest
Beloved orioles. Where there's budding cotoneaster there will be orioles.
The colorful day began and  ended with worms.

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