Thursday, June 12, 2014

Garden antics

Downstairs between the raindrops. Good time to check up on avian activity.  Twine from construction site. It didn't get there by itself. Nest planning.  Over by the berry bush a nest-building muddy-breasted robin watched safety conditions. . I couldn't find where this construction was taking place.

Baby checking on me while nest-builder went onto 2nd floor balcony to check out territory.
Maybe-nest near twine, very well hidden.
Another independent baby good at finding its own food.
Time to use the twine, tug tug. At one point robin got tangled dangling upside down in twine. Very scarey. Thankfully she got free on her own. I'd better start carrying scissors.
Middle of garden mulberries are beginning to come into bloom. The ripe berries drop off for easy lunch.
More to follow. Rainy days are garden days.

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