Sunday, June 8, 2014

More Tinkerbell and the sparrows

Reality check:  The leaves in the background are normal-size leaves. The "branch" with the nest is not thicker than my pinky.  This is a tiny subject. I'm trying to get the activity which happens in less than a second. Heavy camera. Muscles get to aching. Not easy, but totally joyful. In next image Tinkerbell's tongue is out. I didn't see that with my eyes.
Tinkerbell off to find fluff, lower right of next two pictures.
Tinkerbell again lower right
Coming into nest, 1 1/2 seconds
Back to the sparrow family to find one baby out of nest... on top.  I did see it fly off with mother.
Second baby out of nest, pecking at pole and then nibbling nest material.
Oh well, indoors is where the food is.
Central Park West sad sign. I know the feeling, child screaming for lost toy. a new one won't do. I've found "lostlings" in the park, waited with toy. If nobody returned for toy I brought it home, put in washing machine, found new home for it.
Saturday a.m.:  Sparrow nest empty. All fledged.

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