Saturday, June 7, 2014

More two nests

Out the front door, young robin who decided to follow me, but I was headed to the park. His papa could cater food.
First stop: the sparrow nest. Oh my, real kids and the parents know they're ready to fledge. Not much feeding going on at nest. Parents show babies food and then flies off with it. Big message- "Come and get it".
Upstairs still under construction
Kids are nibbling on nest, "gumming" the straw.
First time I've seen all three for a while. It has to be crowded in that nest.
How do you get three baby sparrows to look in one direction. You can't exactly say, "Here kitty kitty".
At this point I could tell what was going on, parents trying to lure kids out to the real world, so I headed to the hummer nest.
Fabulous nest, tethered to branch with filaments.
To be continued. Trying to get hummer when she's off the nest. The problem is that happens in a fraction of a second. Very difficult.

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