Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time for lunch

Time for a bit of levity.  Cormorants and turtles taking the sun at the 59th street lake while the egret is on the prowl for lunch. The anatomy of the egret ranges from elegant, graceful to goofy.
How far can the neck stretch?
Bingo!  Got something. "Spear fishing".
Down the hatch
The reflection makes the neck look like a grinding machine.
Now the cormorants are interested. If there are fish they want their share.
To be continued.

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Unknown said...

Amazing series and nice story! It looked like egret caught a big meal (you know what kind of fish?) here! So does the bird really manage to get that whole thing down its long/skinny neck (wi those sharp fins and I can't imagine the fish is agreeing) entirely okay? Also, in the shot "down the hatch" it looks like the unlucky fish is swallowed alive, I wonder, wouldn't the fishes wriggling give it a slim chance of escaping the birds hungry stomach or even damage its insides?!