Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cool air = more birds

The day was bound to be good, because an autumn cool blast had arrived. It didn't take a lot of tramping around to see lots of activity. First, the magnolia warbler in Strawberry Fields.

At the lower level, the palm warbler working the grass.

And in the dirt, the male black throated blue going after plentiful bugs.

Near the jewelweeds the parula also worked the ground.

I did see common yellow throats, hermit thrushes and water thrushes, but they were not easy to photograph. The hummingbirds, on the other hand were a laugh a minute. One bird picks the spot and lays claim to the blossoms. No sharing allowed. If there's an intruder that intruder gets chased off. I spent a couple of hours laughing as spitfire races went by my head. If a hummer looked me in the face I said, "Hi, gorgeous." This is boss-of-the-turf.

The Overlord.

Pretty soon all the blossoms will wither and the hummers will move on. Until then I can't help watching their antics. It's love.


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