Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet interlude

Can't resist the hummers.
The grosbeaks were gorging on jewelweed seeds.

And that's when activity at my side got endearing. Little girl, maybe 4 years old and her dolly. Very good natured generic doll. Time for doll to have lunch. I couldn't photograph the child, because there are privacy issues with children and she was there with a Nanny, not a parent.

Grosbeak gets seed pods. Dolly gets seed pods too.

This is not a Betsy Wetsy doll, so food has to be rammed in. One stick, handy ram rod.

Dirty face. Wipe face clean. Handy leaf.

I was laughing my head off. Very cooperative doll. Very imaginative child. Total sweet. Heaven only knows what's in this doll.


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