Monday, September 26, 2011

Muggy Sunday

It was one of those days, thick as peanut butter. Only 90 minutes to see what was going on. Glasses fogging up every ten seconds. There was lots of movement in the berry bushes. Breakfast in seclusion. I knew those eyes, well hidden. Grosbeaks! There were about 5 of them working this bush.

At least two thrushes mostly hidden,

and one gorging robin.

Across the field there was also movement in the leaves. My glasses had gone foggy-opaque, so I pointed lens in direction of movement. I like this. sharp image. One thrush. It saw me. I couldn't see it.

Off to Falconer Rock. There's usually something going on there, because there are berries and bugs. Only a fleeting glance- a tanager! In the autumn they're not red.

In the berry bushes a female finch and a common yellow throat warbler, also female.

In the dense area- bugs and berries and gnats (who love my insect repellent), and a flycatcher.

Common yellow throat again.

On the way out at 69th street.

Not a bad stroll. If only it hadn't been so humid.


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