Friday, September 23, 2011

They go together

In the back yard. Never expected to see a robin fledgling this late.
Into the Rambles. Clicking call. Loud. Followed the "voice". It was an ovenbird calling. That was a first. Little bird, loud voice. There were a couple of ovenbirds working the branches. It walks on a branch the same plodding way it walks on the ground.

And since I was near the jewelweed patch there was no way I was going to pass by a daily dose of hummers.

Oh boy, company. Grosbeaks. Naturally. They like the jewelweed seeds.

You can see the sliver of red under the wing.

Lunge,.. I mean lunch.

And then somebody else flew into the space, too fast for me to ID., a hello/goodbye warbler.


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