Friday, September 9, 2011


This is not the lake. The two images are paths in the Rambles. The ground is saturated, all paths having run-off.

The hummer buzzed right by my head and headed up to the pine tree. Tasty bugs up there.

What???!!!! This turned into the wow factor for the day. At first I wasn't sure what it was. A pig? Unlikely. A dog? Wrong paws. It was a dead raccoon. Bloated.

This had obviously been in the lake for several days. The hair had washed away. It didn't have a head anymore, so I'm not sure what happened. Layers of skin had already eroded and flies were feeding on the upside.

The turtles were also onto this bounty. This wasn't disgusting. This was real life, or rather, real death. Think African plains. Scavangers.

The turtles wanted those flies.

Those turtles not catching flies were underneath eating turtle meat.

I don't know what that body part was, but it was being chewed on.

Eventually the Parks Department team showed up and using a limb chopper reached way out into the water and dragged the carcas to shore where it was double bagged. This was one heavy raccoon. It was fun watching this activity. Because of the state of the raccoon it was possible to study its anatomy and better understand how people can eat raccoon. There was the hide, a layer of fat, then the meat. I could imagine it roasting on a spit. Maybe it tastes like pork or chicken. This raccoon was bloated. I haven't posted the most graphic images. It was fascinating.

After that the only bird I saw was this sweet titmouse who flew over to say hello.

There seemed to be more bugs than birds. Had the birds been in town in number those bugs would have been scarfed down.


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