Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A fine mix

If people can stretch out in the grass so can doves.
It's time to observe berry bushes. Fun subjects.

There are delicious bugs in the fences. Redstart knows this. In spring the male redstarts are red and the females are yellow. In autumn both male and female can be yellow, so I have no idea what gender this redstart is. I only know it's a flitting bug catcher.

Sweet female common yellow throat posing in front of fallen tree at Oven.

Off to the Upper Lobe. I decided to stand behind a tree and make believe I was part of the scenery. Perfectly still. Hummer didn't see me.

Maybe hummer did see me, but didn't care.

Yellow shafted flicker definitely didn't see me, but I didn't see much except for the telltale shafts.

Flitting through the weeds, the male common yellow throat.

Also scurrying around, the brown thrasher.

Time to head home. By Bow Bridge I happened to look down to the edge of the lake. Maybe there would be another bird. This caught my eye. Holy cow!!!!! Cactus in the park!! It's honest-to-God growing there.


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