Saturday, July 28, 2012

A different screamer

Left the park. hawks very much on my mind, headed west on 71st street when I heard a hawk call. It's a specific sound.  I stopped in my tracks. Baby hawk on 71st street????  I looked up. 4th floor window ledge. Not a hawk. A screaming baby pigeon.  Food demand. Loud!  It took a couple of seconds to sort out baby from adult. Bad angle for pictures, but behavior was obvious. Both parents feeding noisy kid. Baby doing the feed-me-flap. The baby gets food right out of the parents' mouth, deep in mouth. They faced the window during feeding. Couldn't get pictures of that,  but the wing language told the story.
Feed me!!!!!!!
Scream, scream, scream, flap,flap,flap.  If that baby had faced the street it would have flown.  I had not realized that one of the parents was on top of the AC unit watching the feed-me act.  By this morning the nest was empty.   This kind of scenario- baby being fed- was posted about two months ago.  I do love these big babies. They look adult except for the beak. That has a different shape.

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