Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For the kids

This post is for all kids.   While watching parent robins collect food for nestlings robins I met up with a group of day campers, enthusiastic kids who wanted to know what I was doing, how much the camera cost and whether I also photographed apes.  The questions came fast.  I had been watching this parent robin collect bugs when it spotted a huge worm. Would the captured bugs be abandoned in favor of the huge worm?  No. All the chow got delivered to the nest which was way up in a tree.
To the kids:   you have my card. You can follow this blog.  It doesn't matter how much a camera costs. What matters is knowing what you're watching and having the patience to stand still and observe. With nature one has to stop-look-listen.  Nature is all around us.  Also to the human kids:  you have my e-mail address, so feel free to ask questions.  You can  ask your parents to make sure they're comortable with this.
Another hard working parent.
Back to Peeper. When I returned in the afternoon he had gotten off the fence. By listening I could find him and one of the siblings.  The third fledgling was in the bushes well hidden.
There's much more to report. I'll get caught up over the next few days. Robins are being very well fed. Not so the baby hawks who are screaming for food.  They may have to learn to hunt sooner than usual.  Mama Hawk is doing nothing to supply food. Pale Male is doing all the work. This is hugely different from previously observed behavior.

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