Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lunch on the 13th

This came as a surprise. Snagging a squirrel is not easy. I suspect this was a young squirrel. Lucky hawk.  It's fascinating watching the dining process. I've seen humans rip a roasted chicken apart and really make a mess, mouths full, stuffing themselves, gorging.  The hawk, on the other hand, proceeds slowly, good "table manners".  Find the way into the catch and then eat bit by bit. Looking around is important. Someone could try to steal lunch. You can almost see the wheels going around in this kid's brain. Where to start? How to start? An opening was made in the belly area and from there the abdominal meat got eaten.
To be continued after which I'll go backwards a few days. There are lots of images still to be posted showing the skills of these beautiful kids.

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