Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thank goodness

This is the look of a sick hawk, sick most likely from rat poisoning, rat poison most likely put out by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  This is the hawk's hunting territory. For days this beautiful hawk has been perched in a tree slightly west of the Museum.  It can fly short distances, but for the most part it is lethargic.  Its sibling, thank goodness, is already at the rehab center, has tested positive for anemia, a symptom of rat poisoning, is being treated, prognosis positive. But this baby has been high in the tree, not accessible.
Sitting, sitting, sitting is not normal hawk behavior. No preening. No exploring. No hunting. Just sitting.
Thank goodness, the Park Rangers were able to get this youngster this morning and the baby is now also at rehab. This is its only chance at survival.  The one rehab center that has been responsive, always ready to help is Bobby Horvath's-  Winorr.  I normally don't get involved with "politics", but this is very important.  Winorr is not government funded. They pay for all care, so any donations are hugely helpful. The address is:  Winorr   202 N. Wyoming Avenue     N. Massapequa, NY  11758

There will be several hawk images posted tomorrow.  We can't let these gracious members of our world come to harm. 

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