Monday, July 23, 2012

Won't forget

A joy forever. The images are posted so that beauty is not forgotten.  Two of the hawk kids are now exhibiting classic signs of rat poisoning. One has been taken to the rehabilitator. Another is sitting still on a branch.  Surely there are safer ways to trap rats. Look at the majesty of the young hawk, the strength, the charm.  We have a duty to protect that which is gorgeous. Instead, the users of the dangerous poison don't care. 
Perhaps when a valuable dog or human toddler finds a poison pellet and dies there will be action,  but for now nobody cares.  Hopefully, the first born hawk  baby will be strong enough to leave the park soon and find a people-free place to live and have a family.

There will be one more posting... hawk with starling meal, safer than rat lunch.

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