Saturday, September 4, 2010

Down by the River, Part 3

Picking up where left off........ hawk with food delivery rat ate the whole thing down, no sharing.

What happened next was the other kid's reaction to not getting a share. Face off! Talons drawn. Food fight! But the food has been consumed. There was nothing gentle about this face-off. It was not play. It was about proving dominance.

Eventually things calmed down and normal behavior resumed.

I had seen this behavior before, June 22, 2009. One of the babies had already branched out, two kids still in nest. The "runt" came into his own and wanted all the food, so he attempted to throw his sibling out of the nest. Same sort of confrontation, food related. Of course, they could have both been females, but the issue was the same, food dominance. NO SHARING.

To be continued.

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Raptorman said...

Very nice photos. I suggest the two fighting in the nest rather than one attempting to push their sibling out of that nest the one backedup during the confrontation and ran out of nest.