Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday, Part 1

Low-down birds. Watching, walking slowly, waiting to see movement in the brush. That's where the bugs are. Bugs = proteins. First bird- the male common yellow throated warbler.
Now you see me......

Now you don't. Bye bye birdie.

This is one warbler I know, the hooded warbler. It was out on the chip path bugging.

This bird presented a puzzle, a "what's that?" bird. Finally ID-ed using the bird guide, the white eyed vireo, a first for me. Very small bird, warbler size.

Turn around and there's the red eyed vireo. This bird I know. It loves the choke berries.

Young catbird, also interested in choke berries. Hasn't learned to avoid humans.

Big surprise, higher up, a tanager. They're not always red.

And what would a September day be without hummers.

More to follow....

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