Friday, November 12, 2010

Garden feeding

More downstairs observations. The berries must be delicious. Total obsession.

In the south garden the finch had a different method, take berry to wall and dine there, a balance meal.

I saw a white throated sparrow approach and knew immediately that there would be a face-off.

Finch won. Back to dining.

Also into berries, the starlings.

They probe in the ground for food, not always by poking, but by using their open bills to spread the ground. Fascinating to watch. Hard to photograph, because this technique is usually under the surface, poke and spread.

For what happened next a video camera would have been better. Starling found a hunk of human food. Competition for such a goody is intense. Starling ran all around the area trying to find a safe spot to eat where another starling would not snatch the food. Run, baby, run!

Heading west away from the competition.


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