Thursday, November 4, 2010

Swamping, a.m.

Yesterday was a fine adventure, swamping in New Jersey. Much of the water fowl was off in the distance. One cluster of shovelers came close to the nature path.

Lots of yellow rumps. No other warblers.

Lots of seeds = lots of chickadees.

Goose caligraphy.

Movement on the ground. Whoa! The biggest grasshopper I've ever seen, a differential grasshopper, longer than my thumb.

Further down the path another grasshopper appeared right out in the open.

Big event! The grasshopper pooped. Insect poop is called frass. I'll probably never see this again. Amazing.

For lunch we went off to a nearby Mall. Drive carefully!

Best a.m. subject: the grasshopper. P.M. images, next posting.

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