Thursday, November 11, 2010

Right out the door

The plan was to get to the park, but I never got there. There was too much happening right in front of our door, West End Avenue. Leaves are on the ground. Bugs under leaves. There are berry trees, fruit ripe for the plucking. Fallen berries on the ground. There was a feeding frenzy going on.

This is the bird that first caught my attention, a white throated sparrow, leukic. I think that's the term. It has white feathers where there should be pigmented feathers. Behavior normal. Lots of energy. Non-stop eating.

A normal white throated sparrow. There were about 50 in the garden.

The downy must have been very hungry, because it was pecking by my face. No concern for the camera presence.

The berries were attracting everything. Here, the hermit thrush.

We've got a small stone bathing fountain. I was watching the sparrow when the chickadee appeared, wary of the other birds, chose to sip from the overspill on the side.

More in next posting.

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