Sunday, November 14, 2010


Some days are very quiet. I walked for an hour and only saw this one titmouse and assorted pigeons.

Then things got quirky. Just what I needed to see, a Unicorn.

Dangling chickadees.

Leaf- tossing hermit thrush.

Upside down hiker. I said things got quirky!

I love any bird who comes to study the lens. I think this sparrow wanted food.

Finally, something interesting, a sparrow I know... the American tree sparrow. Haven't seen this bird for a while. Very nice. Over near Bow Bridge. There's lots to eat in this space. It doesn't socialize with the other sparrows.

Sparrow feeding didn't last long. Whoosh. One Cooper's hawk on the hunt.

69th Street, a reminder to go for a dental check-up.
Quirky day for sure.


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