Saturday, May 5, 2012

After the storm

Big storm in the early morning,.. thunder, lashing rain, wind, the kind of storm that could blow out a nest. Early afternoon- down to the garden to check on the robin's nest.

Hard to tell status of nest. Looks like soggy mess.
Oh, NO!  There on cement edge, one dead baby.

Flies have already moved in, but I want a proper death portrait. Chased flies away.
Back to nest.  Hmmmm... someone is watching me.

Movement behind my head.  Parent robin?  No.  Visiting downy woodpecker.
Back to nest.  At least two nestlings.  I decide to stand and wait a while.
More beauty in death. Placed baby in grass. Colby will bury it.
Three babies!
Most likely the parents disposed of the runt, or sensed that something was not right with dead baby. It's very hard raising three babies. Four  would have been too many and the parents knew this. That 4th nestling didn't leave the nest on its own.
There goes the fecal sac.
The babies expend lots of energy and then fall on their faces asleep, nod off.
That's where the food goes. More images being prepared.   Cute kids.

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