Monday, May 21, 2012

Down by the river

AIDS-Walk Sunday is no day to be in Central Park. Instead I headed down to the river. Lots of people there too. No warblers. Different sights. There's a cafe at 66th street. Food gets dropped. Birds find easy chow.  At first I didn't know what the grackle was working on. A French fry.  Nestlings are obviously getting a varied  diet.

This is gostlings season,  but this time I saw only one. One??!!  I suspect the goose population is being culled for safety reasons.  No Mama goose has only one baby!
Baby eating algae.  Good thing, because people toss bread to the geese.
Very territorial and protective. Another goose came into their space and Mama went ballistic, chased other goose away, screaming!
Baby imitated Mama. I couldn't believe it. Huge aggressive Mama. Tiny tough baby.
Never saw this before in a goose. I think it's called leucism.  I've seen leucistic robins.
Very pretty down by the river. These are those nice soft weeds. Good for tickling a friend's neck.


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