Monday, May 28, 2012

Sometimes a selection of prepared images gets skipped in favor of current news. These are from May 7th, first in our garden and then in the park.

The robins are in the 4 baby nest. First baby, the runt, was dumped by the parents.  Next baby also became a "reject".  Two in nest seem healthy and strong. They fledged successfully.

Two mourning dove nests, one in tree in back garden and one over the lamp fixture, both nests with one nestling. Mama sitting on babies in both cases.
Food collection for robin nestlings

Roller skis. Looks good to me.
We were having a conversation.  No fear.

The buds are now gone, but during this time period you can always see the orioles coming in for bugs and seeds. There is a predictable pattern,  pink buds= orioles.  This is the female.
Witheringly beautiful

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