Friday, May 11, 2012

Sensational day

One never knows what to expect.  The day began cloudy, windy, cool.  There were birds singing on high hidden in the leaves. Lots of songs. Suddenly out of nowhere this tiny bird sang and flew past my head.  I didn't know what it was till I matched the picture up with the bird guide image.  It's a least flycatcher, a 4 second little bird.

Easier to ID, the female redstart, one flash of the tail and she was easy to ID.

Super male oriole.

Hot dog!! One of my favorites, Mr. Rose breasted grosbeak

and Mrs. Rose breasted grosbeak.

More spectacular color, the scarlet tanager.

This was a first for me,  didn't know what I was seeing, checked bird guide, a chestnut sided warbler.

A Wilson's warbler

Canada warbler

This was the last thing I expected to see, one immature redtail on the ground slightly east of  Falconer Rock.
All in all a great day in the park.  There were other warblers. They'll get posted on a coming blog.

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