Thursday, May 24, 2012

In the garden

Young fledgling sitting under a window.  This didn't look like a healthy baby. This was Tuesday evening.   By Wednesday morning fledgling was dead.  Not every baby robin survives.
Meanwhile we have a fine collection of baby screaming starlings. They can be heard as far as three blocks away. FEED ME!!!!
They  scream, but know how to pick a little on their own.
While all the screaming was going on I was hearing "click, click", cardinal chatter.  It was obvious that there was a baby in the bushes.
Easy pickin's  in car grills and windshields... bugs and seeds.
Baby is totally aware of what's going on.
Body language is indication that food delivery is coming in.

To be continued.  This went on for a while, gentle baby, attentive Papa.

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