Saturday, July 25, 2009

Food delivery

The parents were on the hunt. This time a rat got delivered to the baby. Up on a branch. Baby did what baby does best, dropped it. Then came the goal to hide it, because unlike humans, when not hungry hawks don't gorge. This rat had to be stashed-away for safe-keeping. (I have no idea who else eats dead rats in the neighborhood.) You could see the wheels turning in the baby's head....... on first branch?, on grass?, under leaves?, under bush?, behind tall grass? Every place was studied first, tried out, surroundings considered, and if not to Baby's satisfaction, plan-change. Finally the rat got placed on a well-hidden branch, situation carefully studied before the baby, confident that the meal would be there later, moved off to preen and rest. That the rat landed in the grass at first next to a blue blossom just made it funnier, such a pretty "table setting", ...for a few minutes.

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