Sunday, July 12, 2009


The park was very crowded today and the hawks spent quality time on the ground. If something moves it has to be examined. Sometimes that's very scarey. There's garbage and glass on the ground. It's not always possible to intercede. Pick-up-sticks and everything else.

Ground patrol. Baby got food. Pigeon. Baby dropped food right into the playground in the swing section. There was no way the pigeon could remain there. Baby hawk would have flown down and been hit by a swing. I put on my rubber glove, picked up pigeon and brought it to the ground under where the hawk was sitting and yelling, away from the swings. Most likely the pigeon will get eaten later.

And speaking of pigeon data, goofy report for this month, the International Federation of Pigeons (homing) has acknowledged that they appreciate knowing what happened to the homing pigeon that got eaten yesterday. Their contact information was on the internet.

The ground activity is very important. The babies will eventually learn that catching prey involves swooping and snatching. For now they're attempting to run after prey or look under logs. There was a neat faceoff with a squirrel. The squirrel won. But soon enough a squirrel is going to get snatched. Babies explored the ground. Mama soared on high.

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