Sunday, January 31, 2010

All about food

Food is where you find it and where you spot it. When I got to Riverside Park the gulls were floating over my head. That's a fine opportunity to practice flight shots, but why were they there? Were they aiming to "plop" on my head? I looked around. Oh,...... someone had thrown down bread crumbs for the pigeons right by my feet. That drew the gulls. They don't miss a thing when it comes to food.

For the afternoon I went over to Central Park. The shovelers were doing their mix-master routine drawing up food from below the surface. Round and round they went, yummy.

Back to the gulls, this time Central Park, first sitting, and then right next to me. How nice, a photo op, ... but why????? Then I looked down. Once again, someone had scattered bread crumbs and I was standing on the few remaining bits. I moved and the gulls made the crumbs disappear.

The gulls are so sweet looking, but oh boy, can they be aggressive.

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