Friday, January 29, 2010


It's so nice ambling along, meeting a feathered friend and chatting quietly. I think the little birds recognize the lens. While communicating with the white throated sparrows I heard a different voice and saw slight movement. I knew the voice... a Carolina wren. I froze and let my eyes scan. The wren came and landed on a branch right by my face. Ever so slowly I got the camera into position. I didn't want to startle this beauty. No startle. I looked. Wren looked, then went about the important business of finding food. A couple more birders came along the path and also got to enjoy this sweet bird.

Over by the Shakespeare Garden there were many small birds on the rock, but just before I could get close enough to do a survey a Cooper's hawk zoomed over and everything vanished into wary silence, the great safety disappearing act.

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