Monday, January 18, 2010

Odd lot

The ice on the lake has its advantages. It's possible to see the whole body of the American black duck.

While strolling one meets the park regulars. I miss the hordes of titmice and chickadees.

The robins in the park now have arrived from up north. Our robins went south. There are seeds and berries, so these hearty robins are surviving in the winter cold.

I was following some white throated sparrows when I saw movement. Wait! That's not a sparrow. Oh joy, an illusive Carolina wren.

Gulls- loads of them on the reservoir.

While at the 72nd street end of the lake I watched two really dumb Russian kids hand-feeding gulls. That they didn't lose a finger (or worse) was a miracle.


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Trudy said...

I should not be up at this hour (2:18 AM in NYC) looking at squirrels with popsicles and cuddly raccoons, but they’re too funny and adorable to resist, and I’ll think of them as I drift off to sleep.

Thank you,