Sunday, January 17, 2010

Genius in the fluff

It was the sound that first caught my attention, scratch scratch. What is that squirrel doing?!!! Oh my goodness, it's got a hunk of ice, a "popcycle". I didn't want to move for fear of startling this happy squirrel, so very slowly I inched to the right. This was a wonderful popcycle.

Lick, lick. Good!
And then the bottom half broke loose.

The popcycle grew smaller and smaller and what did this fluffy genius do? Took the small piece a few inches over.....

AND BURIED IT ! This is like a kid stashing a popcycle under the pillow for later.

Buried popcycle, then found a pine cone stem to gnaw on. Squirrel has a name, Albert Einstein Squirrel.

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