Friday, January 15, 2010

Comfort Zone

Every day is totally different in the park. Tuesday had been cold and very sunny. There were small birds sunning themselves on the lawns. Yesterday was a bit colder, but also very sunny. No little birds sunning themselves. Instead I saw a storm of grackles heading east, easily 200 birds. I went strolling looking for what I had seen on Tuesday. All different. I searched trees for hawks on-the-prowl. No hawks, but above, blending into the bark, was a big fat raccoon napping in the sun. Cozy! The perfect perch.

Trust me, I edited this take. As far as I'm concerned there's no such thing as too many raccoon pictures. I'd love to run my fingers through this beauty's fur, but know better than to interfere with wild residents.
While I was watching a tourist passed by. "What's that?" "A raccoon", I answered. He was a German kid and had to look up what that was in his dictionary, which was conveniently in his
i phone. Raccoon, in German, is "Waschbär" (wash bear). That sure makes sense. More raccoon pictures coming soon.

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