Friday, January 1, 2010

Very nice 1st

One can always make book on finding a circular stringed Hellium "bird" on January 1st. There are other signs of celebration, confetti and empty bottles and cans of beer and booze left by thoughtless people.

For the first hour it felt as if I was being eye-balled by everything with wings. "Whatcha' got?" "Any food"? I swear the birds recognize all the soft-hearted birders.

After a bit I joined up with Dan and Dennis and we went off to see what we could see, mostly nothing- and then we spotted a cluster area of small birds- a brown creeper, juncos, lots of white throated sparrows, a nuthatch, and surprise of surprises, way up high, one kinglet.

We did see a red-tail hawk fly by, but opted not to track it.
It was cold in the park, raw,- but not too cold for the sparrows to take a New Year's bath.

New finger learning necessary. It's hard remembering to type 2010 in the copyright line.

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